DFW RealTOUR: Local attractions – Chisholm Trail Mural in Downtown Fort Worth, Texas

15 August 2023

When you’re visiting the DFW area, there’s so much to do and see. Whether you’re looking for great food, outdoor activities, fun nightlife experiences or cultural attractions, you’ll find something to love here in the Lone Star State. From the bustling downtown scene of Dallas to Fort Worth’s western heritage charm, a trip to DFW will leave you with unforgettable memories.

One of those attractions is the mural of the Chisholm Trail at the Sundance Square in downtown Fort Worth.

The mural depicts South Texas Ranchers who drove their herds of cattle to North Texas through the Chisholm Trail, from 1867 to 1875 from San Antonio, Texas to Fort Worth continuing on to Oklahoma and Kansas.

Roger Ordona says, “Big start was after the Civil War, and once the Civil War was over that there was a pent up demand to start improving and expansion all over. Also there was a great demand for beef in the East Coast(as there was a great demand of beef in East Coast and a great supply in the West). So they started a trail(Chisholm Trail named after Jesse Chisholm) to transport a lot of Texas Longhorns and started shipping them from San Antonio, Texas all the way up to Fort Worth as far we’ve had stockyards(across Oklahoma) up to Kansas City. So there was actually an oversupply of beef. So that’s where Texas got a big big boom in cattle and still is a big cattle raising place today. Ultimately, economically replaced by the Big Oil Boom.”

The Chisholm Trail mural at Sundance Square in Fort Worth, Texas is a stunning and vibrant mural that celebrates the history of the Chisholm Trail. The majestic mural, which covers an entire wall of the square, was created by renowned artist Richard Haas in 1985 and depicts a cattle drive along the legendary trail. Onlookers can see cowboys on horseback herding cattle as they make their way across the prairie landscape. The colors are vivid and capture the spirit of the Old West.

The Chisholm Trail mural is located in an area rich with history and tradition. It serves as a reminder to visitors of the important role Fort Worth played in the development of the Southwest region during its days as a major stop on the great Chisholm Trail. The mural is both beautiful and meaningful; it honors those who traveled along this historic path while reminding us all of our connection to our shared past.

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