National Cinema Day – August 27

27 August 2023

August 27, 2023 is National Cinema Day.

So what is National Cinema Day?

National Cinema Day is a great occasion to celebrate the magic of movies! And And here are some fun activities you can consider to make the most of this day:

  1. Classic Movie Marathon: Gather friends and family and watch a series of iconic films from various eras. Don’t forget the popcorn!
  2. Outdoor Movie Night: Rent a projector and screen and host an outdoor movie. Provide cozy blankets and cushions for guests to lounge on.
  3. Dress-up Movie Party: Pick a theme (like the ’80s, Hollywood glam, or a specific film) and have everyone come dressed as their favorite movie characters.
  4. Film Trivia Night: Test your knowledge of movie facts, quotes, and actors with a friendly competition. Offer movie-themed prizes for winners.
  5. Visit a Historic Cinema: Check if there are any old or historic theaters in your area. Many of these places offer tours or special screenings.
  6. Make Your Own Film: Get creative! Write a short script and use a smartphone or camera to shoot a mini-movie. Edit and screen it at the end of the day.
  7. Animation Workshop: Organize a workshop where attendees can learn the basics of animation or stop-motion filmmaking.
  8. Film Photography: Revisit the roots of cinema by exploring still photography. Take photos on a film camera and learn about the development process.
  9. Cook Movie-Themed Meals: Prepare dishes inspired by famous movies. Think of the spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp or the ratatouille dish from Ratatouille.
  10. Movie Soundtrack Dance Party: Play famous soundtracks from films and dance the night away!
  11. DIY Film Festival: Have friends and family create short films and screen them in a makeshift “film festival”. Vote on categories like “Best Director”, “Best Actor”, and “Audience’s Choice”.
  12. Visit Filming Locations: If you’re lucky enough to live near a location where a popular movie was shot, take a tour!
  13. Virtual Reality Cinema: Experience the latest in movie technology by watching a film in VR.
  14. Director’s Commentary: Watch a film with the director’s commentary on. It’s a great way to gain a deeper understanding of the film-making process.
  15. Movie Crafts: Make movie-themed crafts like personalized popcorn boxes, film reel decorations, or even DIY clapperboards.
  16. Local Movie Tour: Some cities have tours that take you around various filming locations used in popular movies and TV shows.
  17. Critique a Movie: Watch a film as a group and then have a discussion afterward, critiquing the plot, characters, cinematography, and more.
  18. Learn About Film History: Research and present on the evolution of cinema, from silent films to the digital age.
  19. Film Swap: Everyone brings a DVD/Blu-ray of a movie they love but think others might not have seen. Swap movies with someone else for the night.
  20. Cinema Karaoke: Sing along to the most iconic songs from movies. Think “Let It Go” from Frozen or “Circle of Life” from The Lion King.

Whatever you choose to do, the essence of National Cinema Day is to celebrate the beauty, creativity, and emotion of film.

For our family, we are going to watch a movie at a movie theater and with the $4 movie, it’s a treat! Anyway, enjoy the festivities!

Here in Dallas Fort Worth, here a LIST of DFW Movie Theatres